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Артикул: X20HB8815
Производитель: B&R Industrial Automation GmbH


  • Up to 2 slots for hub expansion modules

  • 3x / 5x POWERLINK hub

The POWERLINK TCP/IP gateway enables the exchange of all types of application data (HMI, diagnostics, parameter data, etc.) between a POWERLINK V2 network and a TCP/IP network. It functions like a layer 2 switch, with the exception that cyclic POWERLINK packets are not routed to the ETH port.

With respect to the functionality of layer 2 switches, it should be mentioned that the gateway uses the store-and-forward principle. Gateway functionality doesn't need to be configured separately.
When the gateway receives a frame, it saves the MAC address of the sender and the corresponding interface in the source address table (SAT). If the destination address is found in the SAT, the gateway routes the frame to the corresponding interface. Frames with a broadcast or multicast address are always routed to all interfaces.

When IP packets are received at the "ETH" port that are larger than the MTU configured for POWERLINK, they are fragmented, if permitted.

  • "ETH" port: Interface for TCP/IP network

  • "PLK" port: Interface for POWERLINK network

I/O modules cannot be operated with the X20HB8815.
POWERLINK V1 is not supported.