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Measurement and evaluation of the ambient conditions in the control cabinet, X20CMR100

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Артикул: X20CMR100
Производитель: B&R Industrial Automation GmbH

  • Measurement and evaluation of the ambient conditions in the control cabinet

  • Recording ambient conditions

  • Recording operating hours and power-on cycles

  • Technology Guarding directly on the module

  • Supports blackout mode

The module is designed for measuring ambient conditions in the control cabinet as well as recording operating hours and power-on cycles. In addition, the module is equipped with a Technology Guard and supports blackout mode.

Measuring and evaluating ambient conditions

The ambient conditions are continuously evaluated by the module. The duration in which individual parameters are within certain ranges is stored internally. This makes it possible, for example, to determine how long the system remained in a certain temperature range. The histograms recorded by the module can be read out by the user.

Technology Guarding

With the integrated Technology Guard, it is possible to implement license protection directly via the module instead of the USB dongle. The same functions can be used as with the USB dongle.

Blackout mode

The integrated blackout mode ensures that module functionality is maintained even in the event of network failure.