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Контроллер X20 Fieldbus CPU, µP 16, 100 КБ SRAM, 1 МБ FlashPROM

Артикул: X20XC0201
Производитель: B&R Industrial Automation GmbH

  • Embedded µP16 with additional I/O processor

  • 100 kB User SRAM

  • 1 MB User FlashPROM

  • Up to 2 slots for fieldbus modules

  • Only 62.5 mm wide

  • Battery-free

Fieldbus CPUs are variations of Compact CPUs. In addition to these features, there is also the option of connecting fieldbus modules to the left side. These CPUs make applications possible in which data preprocessing has to take place remotely within the I/O bus connection.

The X20XC0201 is the entry-level X20 Fieldbus CPU. This CPU is used when a cycle time of 2 ms (typ. 5 ms) is sufficient and the cost/performance ratio is a key factor.