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Модуль аналоговых входов, X20CM0985-02

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Артикул: X20CM0985-02
Производитель: B&R Industrial Automation GmbH
  • Energy measurement for 120 to 480 VAC
  • Simultaneous measurement of 2 AC power systems plus 2 additional voltages
  • For multifunction measurement tasks
  • Intelligent power system synchronization unit
  • Current values of generator voltage and current
  • Monitor functions per current power system guidelines

The module combines a power measurement module with special features in a compact footprint together with a synchronizing unit that meets all requirements.

The measurement unit is 3 current inputs are suitable for both X: 1 A and X: 5 A current transformers. Overcurrent resistance and the high resolution of the unit of measurement round off its features. For the voltage inputs, the value range can also be configured between 480 VAC and 120 VAC without any loss in converter resolution.

The area of application includes 4-wire AC power systems with a line-to-line voltage up to 480 VAC and 3-wire systems, where L2 can be grounded (V circuit). In addition, the module masters the measuring principle of the Aron circuit.

The resulting measured values range from the pure phase current and line-to-line or phase voltage to active, reactive and apparent power components, mains frequency, power factor and much more. In addition, peak values and energy meters are stored on the module in nonvolatile memory. Depending on the configuration, it is also possible to use a digital output as a pulse encoder for an external energy meter.

The synchronization unit does not just take the phasing and phase voltage into consideration; integrated intelligence also monitors the rate of change and other parameters, allowing them to influence when the synchronization output is switched. It is also possible to monitor a generator using a large number of additional conditions. A total of 4 voltage inputs provide substantial overall flexibility.

Monitoring functions expand the features of the module. Rating-dependent overcurrent monitoring is included, which utilizes the thermal capacity of the motor/generator to allow short overloads while still providing full protection. The dependent, delayed imbalanced load monitoring used to protect three-phase generator and three-phase networks from imbalanced load can be adapted to the characteristics of different generator types using parameters while taking their special thermal time constants into account.