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Модуль аналоговых входов, X20RT8381

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Артикул: X20RT8381
Производитель: B&R Industrial Automation GmbH
  • reACTION Technology module
  • 4 high-speed digital inputs
  • 4 high-speed digital channels, configurable as inputs or outputs
  • 2 high-speed analog inputs ±10 V
  • 1 high-speed analog output ±10 V
  • 1 ABR incremental encoder input 24 V
  • Pulse width modulation
  • Support of data type "REAL" for arithmetic operations
  • Supports blackout mode

This reACTION Technology module is equipped with 4 high-speed digital inputs and 4 high-speed digital mixed channels. All connections are designed for 1-wire connections. All inputs are designed for sink connections; the outputs are designed for push-pull connections.

A voltage signal of ±10 V can be read or output using 2 analog inputs and 1 analog output, respectively.

Ultrafast reACTION Technology makes it possible to control the integrated I/O channels with response times down to 1 μs. All of the commands that can be used for reACTION programs are provided as function blocks in special libraries (e.g. AsIORTI). Programming in compliance with IEC 61131-3 requirements takes place in the Function Block Diagram editor in Automation Studio.

The module supports blackout mode. In blackout mode, programmable module functionality persists even if the network fails.