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Модуль аналоговых выходов, X20AO2632

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Артикул: X20AO2632
Производитель: B&R Industrial Automation GmbH
  • 2 analog outputs
  • Either current or voltage signal possible
  • 16-bit digital converter resolution
  • NetTime timestamp: Switch-off time

The module is equipped with 2 outputs with 16-bit (including sign) digital converter resolution. It is possible to select between the current and voltage signal using different terminals.

This module is designed for X20 6-pin terminal blocks. If needed (e.g. for logistical reasons), the 12-pin terminal block can also be used.

NetTime timestamp for output

For many applications, not only the output value is important, but also the exact switching time. The module is equipped with a NetTime timestamp function for this that can define a switching time to the nearest microsecond.

The timestamp function is based on synchronized timers. The CPU can predefine output events and provide them with a timestamp. After transferring the respective data, including the exact time, the module executes the predefined action at the exactly defined time.