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Модуль дискретных выходов, X20CM4323

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Артикул: X20CM4323
Производитель: B&R Industrial Automation GmbH

  • 4 digital outputs

  • Control of PWM output signals based exactly on NetTime

  • 4x oversampling output functions

  • Integrated output protection

  • 24 VDC and GND for actuator power supply

The module has digital outputs for connecting electromechanical loads (e.g. valves and relays) and additional functions such as edge generation.

With a resolution down to 125 ns, the module makes it possible to set switching operations at exactly specified moments.

The following operating modes can optionally be supplemented with PWM functionality:

  • Direct I/O

  • Oversampled I/O

  • Edge generator

  • Edge generator in toggle operation for output patterns such as digital cam switches (e.g. digital cam switch of function block "ASMcDcsTimedDigitalCamSwitch"

Additional functions:

  • PWM modulation of outputs for setting the overexcitation and holding current.

  • Configuration of each channel by specifying PWM period duration

  • Control value for overexcitation current, holding current and overexcitation time

  • Possibility of disabling high-speed cutoff