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Модуль счетчиков и позиционирования, X20DC1073

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Артикул: X20DC1073
Производитель: B&R Industrial Automation GmbH

  • Интерфейс энкодера SinCos

  • Мониторинг входа энкодера

  • 5 В= и GND для питания энкодера

  • Функция NetTime: Временная метка для положения

The module is equipped with a SinCos encoder interface. The input signals are monitored. This makes it possible to detect open or shorted lines as well as encoder supply failures.

SinCos encoders

SinCos encoders with 1 Vss are mostly used in linear drives and systems with high-resolution optical or magnetic position measurement systems. The module can process input signals with a frequency of up to 400 kHz.

NetTime timestamp for the position

It is not just the position value that is important for highly dynamic positioning tasks, but also the exact time the position is measured. The module is equipped with a NetTime function for this that supplies a timestamp for the recorded position with microsecond accuracy.

The timestamp function is based on synchronized timers. If a timestamp event occurs, the module immediately saves the current NetTime. After the respective data is transferred to the CPU, including this precise time, the CPU can then evaluate the data using its own NetTime (or system time), if necessary.