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Модуль управления двигателями, X20MM2436

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Артикул: X20MM2436
Производитель: B&R Industrial Automation GmbH
  • 2x outputs (H bridge) with PWM control and 24 to 39 VDC ±25% supply
  • 3 A nominal current (3.5 A max current)
  • 15 Hz to 50 kHz frequency, 16-bit
  • Frequency mode with 10 to 6553.5 Hz or 1 to 655.35 Hz resolution.
  • PWM resolution, 15-bit + sign, minimum 10 ns
  • Configurable dither
  • 2x 2 inputs 24V, can be configured as AB
  • Sink connection
  • 1-wire connections

The motor bridge module is used to control 2 DC motors with a nominal voltage of 24 to 39 VDC ±25% at a nominal current up to 3 A. The module can be reconfigured and used in current controller mode for controlling inductive loads. The module is also equipped with 4 digital inputs, which can be used as incremental counters. Each motor is controlled with a full-bridge (H-bridge). This enables the motors to be moved in both directions.