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Модуль дискретных входов, X67DM9331.L12

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Артикул: X67DM9331.L12
Производитель: B&R Industrial Automation GmbH
  • 8 digital channels, configurable as inputs or outputs
  • Outputs can handle up to 2 A
  • Node number switches for setting the X2X Link address
  • Replacement of passive distributors
  • All outputs with single-channel diagnostics
  • Extensive additional status information

This module has 8 digital channels that can be configured as inputs or outputs. The inputs are designed for sink connections, the outputs for source connections. The outputs can handle up to 2 A. The summation current is 8 A.

The node number switch for setting the X2X Link address is a unique feature. When modular machine configurations change, it is necessary, for example, to define specific module groups at a fixed address that is independent of the preceding modules in the line. All subsequent standard modules refer to this offset and use it automatically for addressing purposes.