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Fieldbus: CAN bus, X67BC7321-1

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Артикул: X67BC7321-1
Производитель: B&R Industrial Automation GmbH
  • Fieldbus: CAN bus
  • 8 digital channels, configurable as inputs or outputs
  • Integrated I/O access in B&R Automation Studio
  • Automatic firmware update via the fieldbus
  • X67 connection possibility for all B&R CPUs

The bus controller makes it possible to connect X2X Link I/O nodes to CAN I/O. CAN I/O is a transfer protocol based on standard CAN bus that is fully integrated in the B&R system.

Up to 43 logic I/O modules can be connected to the bus controller. Up to 16 of them can be analog modules.

Only the standard function model (see the respective module description) is supported when the bus controller is used together with multi-function modules it has automatically configured itself.