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ABB -  Покрасочные роботы IRB 5400
ABB -  Покрасочные роботы IRB 5400
ABB -  Покрасочные роботы IRB 5400 - Спецификация

ABB IRB 5400 | Покрасочный робот-манипулятор

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Артикул: IRB 5400
Производитель: ABB

IRB 5400

High performance paint process robot

A highly efficient paint robot with high acceleration, high load capacity, large work envelope and integrated process equipment. It saves cycle time and it saves paint.

A powerful workhorse
The IRB 5400 is a unique paint robot with high acceleration and speed, combined with the ability to carry heavy loads. It gives you short cycle times and increased production. The extensive load capacity enables us to put the process equipment close to the applicator to reduce waste.

Add a rail for coating large objects
The IRB 5400 can be mounted on a trolley for operating on a rail. There are two types of foot for the trolley. The clean wall foot is used when the trolley and rail is located outside the spray booth. This enables for an easy-to-clean inner spray booth wall. The in-booth foot enables the complete rail and trolley to be located inside the spray booth. This design is typically used for retrofit in existing spray booths or for spray booths with limited space.

Paint robot control system
The IRB 5400 uses the IRC5P paint robot control system. It is specifically designed for the paint shop with its user friendly Ex FlexPaint Pendant and RobView 5 - our paint cell software for supervision, control and diagnostics, and our powerful software tools for off-line programming and process tuning.

Powered by IPS
The integrated process system (IPS) integrates the paint application equipment in the robot arm. With color change valves and paint pumps close to the paint wrist, the result is reduced material consumption and significant paint savings. Air- and fluid regulation, pilot valves, flow sensors, bell speedand high voltage control are also integrated in the robot, making installation, set up and process tuning fast and easy.

The IRB 5400 series comes in different versions:
  • IRB 5400-12, Slim arm
  • IRB 5400-13, Slim arm on Clean-wall rail
  • IRB 5400-14, Slim arm on In-booth rail
  • IRB 5400-22, Process robot
  • IRB 5400-23, Process robot on Clean-wall rail
  • IRB 5400-24, Process robot on In-booth rail